22 sept. 2009

Dixie Dregs - 1975-09-13 University of Miami

Earliest known Dixie Dregs live recording

01 Freedom Jazz Dance
02 Unknown
03 Dolphin Dance
04 Unknown
05 Unknown
06 Unknown
07 Cosmic Strut (Mahavishnu Orchestra)
08 Leprechaun Promenade
09 Celestial Terrestrial Commuters (Mahavishnu Orchestra)
10 Wages Of Weirdness
11 Flight Of A Cockroach
12 What If
13 Holiday
14 Country House Shuffle

Rod Morgenstein: Keys (1-3), Drums (4-14)
Unknown: Drums (1-3)
David Roystein: Keys (4-14)
Mike Gillis: Guitar (1-3)
Steve Morse: Guitar (4-14)
Allen Sloan: Violin (7-14)
Andy West: Bass (1-14)

mp3 320 Link in Comments

Dixie Dregs At 'Don Kirshner's Rock Concert' (evidentemente probando un cambio de look que no funciono)

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