21 oct. 2009

Shadowman - Ghost In The Mirror

01. Road To Nowhere (4:28)
02. No Mans Land (3:53)
03. Bad For You (4:56)
04. Colour Of Your Love (4:15)
05. Fire And Ice (4:57)
06. Keeper Of My Heart (5:34)
07. I've Been Wrong Before (6:08)
08. It's Electric (3:44)
09. Blues City (4:47)
10.Outlaws (4:58)
11.The Hard Way (4:55)
12.Little Miss Midnight (4:12)

Steve Overland — vocals (FM, Metal Christmas, Wildlife, The Ladder, Overland)
Steve Morris — guitar (Ian Gillan, Export, Heartland, Sliced Bread, Garth Rockett And The Moonshiners)
Chris Childs — bass / vocals (Company Of Shakes, Legs Up, Thunder, Don Airey)
Harry James — drums (Bad Company, Thunder, Terraplane, Magnum, Don Airey)

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Gracias estimado, se ve interesante, vamos a tasar.

Mas Deep Purple ,Family & Relatives

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