24 nov. 2009

Nick Simper's Dynamite - Single 1975

Side A - St.Louis
Side B - Soul Rider

One year after the demise of Warhorse, Nick Simper and Pete Parks briefly played in Dynamite, along with 1966-67 era Pirates keyboard player John Carroll, singer James Royal (in whose backing band Nick had recorded for the BBC back in 1969), and drummer Mick Richardson, an old bandmate of Pete Parks' from Black August and Morgans Roots.

The band released a solitary single, a remake of 'St.Louis', which appeared in a few European countries. It did well enough in Italy, but by then the group had ceased to exist

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L E O N A R D O dijo...


luciano nunes dijo...

Yo prefiero la versión de warhose de st.louis,esta es demasiada confusa, pero gracias asi miesmo..



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