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Screaming Lord Sutch - Story ( Feat. Ritchie Blackmore)

'Til The Following Night - Single A Nov 1961
Jack The Ripper - SIngle A March 1963
All Black And Hairy - Single B May 1966
She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man - Single A Jul 1964
Purple People Eater - Single A 1966
Monster In Black Tights - Single A 1964
Dracula's Daughter - Single A Oct 1964
Good Golly Miss Molly - Single B Nov 1961
Don't You Just Know It - Single B March 1963
I'm A Hog For You Baby - SIngle B 1963
Come Back Baby - Single B october 1964
The Train Kept A-Rollin' - Single A June 1965 with Ritchie Blackmore
Honey Hush - Single B June 1965 with Ritchie Blackmore
Bye Bye Baby - Single B EP 1965

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May to October 1962
Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages
People involved
Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Ricky Fensen Brown (bss); Carlo Little (drm); David Sutch (vcl); Dave Wendells (gtr); Andy Wren (pno). Finally, Blackmore joined Screaming Lord Sutch.

March to May 1965
Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages
People involved
Avid Andersen (bss); Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Jim 'Tornado' Evans (drm); David Sutch (vcl); and the Four Saxes (sxp).
Blackmore re-joined Lord Sutch. They released only 1 single which, as far as I know, could have been recorded earlier with a completely different line-up. If not, the below single is the only Screaming single with Blackmore.

Later (December 1965 to January 1966)Arvid Andersen (bss); Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Jim 'Tornado' Evans (drm)formed The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers played about 10 gigs including one at the Star Club

(Record Collector Interview)
RC: You had a group called the Three Musketeers who were actually formed out of Sutch’s band.

Ritchie Blackmore: That’s very true. It was me and Jimmy Evans, who we’re still trying to track down, and Silas Wegg. He loved Charles Dickens: his real name was Arvid Anderson.

RC: The band got a mention on the "Shadow Of The Moon" album. You must have fond memories of that time.

RB: Yeah, very fond. They were the first band I actually enjoyed playing in. For our stage act we would dress up as Musketeers and we used to sword-fence as we came on stage. We were the first three piece: this was like 1964 and people had never heard of three-piece bands. All the songs we had were really fast and the big thing in Germany in 1965 was that you played music to dance to. Well, they could never dance to us, so we didn’t really get much work.
We’d open the show with something called "The Plainsman" followed by "Yakety Sax". In the middle of the act, we’d do our special, a really fast number which was "Flight Of The Bumble Bee". You can imagine the audience watching us. It was great for me but terrible for them. So they used to disappear and our work went downhill. That’s how I ended up back with Sutch again.
He was brilliant, actually. When we were in the key of A, he would sing in C sharp. I don’t know how he did it – it’s very difficult singing in this totally unrelated key to what was being played.

RC: Did he realise he was doing it?

RB: Sure. He’d jump around breaking things!

December 1966 to April 1967
Lord Caesar Sutch & the Roman Empire

Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Tony Dangerfield (bss); Matthew Fisher (kbr); Joel James (sxp); Carlo Little (drm); David Sutch (vcl). Toured UK/Germany dressed up in Roman gladiator costumes...

L-R: Matthew Fisher, Tony Dangerfield, Ritchie Blackmore, Joel James, Sutch & Carlo Little

A temporary aberration had Sutch calling himself 'Lord Caesar Sutch' and, for publicity, the band were required to dress as Roman Gladiators! The first gig they did was a benefit for the wife of the late Johnny 'Shakin All Over' Kidd, who had died in October 1966. The line-up included Richie Blackmore, and Matthew Fisher on keyboards who had recorded 'Whiter Shade Of Pale' with Procol Harum during his spell here. He stayed with the Empire for financial security until the record took off!

Back: The roadie, Carlo, Sutch, Tony Dangerfield. Front: Joel James, Ritchie Blackmore

The band also toured Sweden during this time. Carlo: "It was thick snow when I went there with the Roman Empire. We were driven around in a big American 4-wheel drive with a little trailer for the equipment to go in towed behind. The promoter had sent a roadie to drive it. It had snow chains on the wheels, that's how deep the snow was. We did abut 10 days of gigs, and always went down well with the crowds, who were really excited. We met and talked to the 'Hep Stars' in one of the dressing rooms, who later turned out to be members of Abba."

No Record Bootleg or Show recorded by The Three Musketeers & Lord Suth & The Roman Empire ...

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Jorge dijo...

Hmm this blog is getting gradually better and better!
Thanks for all your efforts!
Cheers from Portugal,

Ariel dijo...

Noooooooooooooode donde sacaste esas fotos! jaja algunas las conocia, las de la DPAS...pero hay otras que evidencian toda una búsqueda arquológica de tu parte!
Que lástima que no existan bootlegs de la formacion de "3 mosqueteros". Hubiese sido interesante escucharlos sobre todo cuando Ritchie afirma que hacían covers eléctricos de Django Reinhardt con una bateria de doble bombo.
P.D: Esas fotos de Ritchie son tan escrachadoras que espero no te caiga encima Carole Stevens exigiéndote los originales!

Tributo A La Mejor Banda dijo...

Hola Leonardo, te comento que si no tengo problemas con el envío en unos 15 días (es lo que en principio me informaron tarda si no surge nada raro, insisto en esto porque ya me había quemado con el DVD de P.A.L.) me llega el "Commercial Road" de Richard Digance. Espero que no haya problemas y en cuanto lo pase de LP a CD te mando el link.
El blog cada día mejor,

L E O N A R D O dijo...

Gracias por los comentarios Jorge , Ariel y Maximiliano ! , buenas nuevas , nuevos items !! muchas gracias y en cuanto a las fotos si , son realmente fuertes jaja , en cuanto a las rarezas se a documantado todo tan poco y se hacia tanto y tan informal que como paso con el bootleg de Jerry Lee Lewis (sabra blackmore que existe?) puede pasar con tantas otras grabaciones ,saludos.

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ruby101 dijo...

Muchas gracias for todo musica. Thanks for all your efforts. My Spanish is very poor so I'll continue in English. I see that your site is back. You provide a great service for many of us fans of Deep Purple, the greatest hard rock band in the world!

btw, I downloaded some shows a while ago and I need a password. What is the password here?

Mas Deep Purple ,Family & Relatives

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