14 mar. 2010

Black Sheep of The Family

From The Anthology Notes :
"Since 1972 Purple had used an American Band ELF as its support and Blackmore had grown to admire the vocal talent of its lead singer RONNIE JAMES DIO. He also hankered to record his own version of BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY that purple had rejected - a song he'd heard from the 1970 QUATERMASS album with the plan to make a solo single Blackmore took the opportunity of a couple of days off in Minneapolis mid tour and took Elf in to a studio. For a B-Side he asked Dio to write some lyrics to a tune he had written, which resulted in "Sixteenth Century Greensleeves" Althoug the recording never saw the light of day , the partnership with Dio was sufficiently inspirational for Blackmore to make an entire album recorded in early february of 1975

From Stombringer Notes:
Blackmore was keen for them a cover of BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY from Quatermass self-titled debut album on Harverst 1970 ,"I Said to Them, 'Hey look, this is a great song,let's do it on an album" Despite his enthusiasm, and was an inbuilt resistance to doing covers, particulary on record,so the others declined and Blackmore put the idea on hold ...
Notas Propias :
Si bien siempre se dijo que este tema es del album debut de Quatermass la verdad es que no es tan asi .
el tema fue compuesto por STEVE HAMMOND y aparecio por primera vez en disco en 1969 en el album de CHRIS FARLOWE & THE HILL (banda en la cual el propio Hammond Participaba)FROM HERE TO MAMA ROSA (aparecia simplemente como "Black Sheep" aunque en el single recobro el titulo completo),en 1970 simultaneamente a la salida de Album/Single de Quatermass otra banda de Hammond editaba como side-B el tema (FAT MATTRESS) .

los miembros de Quatermass señalan que Hammond compuso especialmente 3 temas para su disco debut , pero esto no fue asi , el tema GEMINI por ejemplo ya habia sido grabado anteriormente por ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS ...

01- Black Sheep of The Family - 1969 Chris Farlowe with The Hill (feat. Hammond)
02- Black Sheep of The Family - 1970 (mayo) Quatermass
03- Black Sheep of The Family - 1970 (sep ?) Fat Mattress (feat. Hammond)
04- Black Sheep of The Family - 1975 Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
05- Black Sheep of The Family - 1970 Quatermass (swedish radio broadcast)

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Anónimo dijo...

It´s a really cool song and history about it.
Keep up the good work and cheers from Portugal,

ha-jo dijo...

good to see that you obviously read my posting on the hub ... keep on rockin'!

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Mas Deep Purple ,Family & Relatives

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