15 jul. 2010

Domminney and The Field of Women All Stars (feat. Roger Glover)

01 - Lucy's Song
Domminney & The Field Of Women All Stars
02 - Lucy's Song (Radio Edit)
Domminney & The Field Of Women All Stars
03.Chosen Words - Domminney
04.Elated - Domminney

David Domminney (Juice, Garden State 78, The Dean Howard Band, Domminney) (Lead Guitar, Verse 2 and Chorus vocals)
Roger Glover (Deep Purple) (Bass guitar)
Steve Jones (Acoustic guitar)
Jo Birchall ( Brookside) (Verse 1 and Chorus vocals)
Gillian Glover (Bridge 1 and Chorus vocals)
Dean Howard (T’Pau, Bad Company, Gillan, The Dean Howard Band, Toby Jepson) (Lead guitar)
Alan Fletcher (aka Dr Karl Kenneddy from Neighbours and the band Waiting Room) (Verse 2 and Chorus vocals
Eddie Lundon (China Crisis) (Bridge 1)
Markus Collins (Eaton Road) (Bridge 2 and Chorus vocals)
Daniel Morris, James Edwards and David Heath (Eaton Road) (Chorus Vocals)
Steve Morris (Export, Garth Rockett and The Moonshiners,Gillan, Heartland, Shadowman) (Rhythm guitar)
R.Bruce (American comedian/singer/songwriter (Chorus vocals)
Steve Balsamo (Former Jesus of Nazareth in Westend Jesus Christ Superstar and The Story’s) (Middle 8 and Chorus vocals)
Dai Smith, Andy Collins, Rob Thompson (The Story's) (Chorus vocals)
Cait Walker (Oboe)
Mike Neary (Piano and Chorus vocals)
Billy Kulke ,Purely Choral Choir ,Gary Millar (Chorus vocals)
Steve McFarlane ,Jay Norton (Sense of Sound Choir) (Chorus Vocals)
LUCY Committee, friends, relatives and staff of Linda McCartney Centre (Chorus vocals)

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