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Finders Keepers - Single 1967

01- Friday Kind of Monday
02- On The Beach

Did mostly cover tunes. They released at least one single with a possible appearance by Hughes, that is, "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)" 1968.
It's somewhat uncertain though if he actually sings anything, but he may have played bass. Whether or not Hughes appears on the other singles, I don't know. Some say it's seems unlikely.

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"So 1968-69 and early 1970 saw the resolution of a complicated story. Sludge got two of his mates from Cannock to join Finders Keepers. These were Mel Galley and Glen Hughes. Two more singles were released, this time on the Fontana Records label. "Friday Kind Of Monday" had good reviews but failed to chart although it has featured in later years on compilation LPs in the States. "Sadie The Cleaning Lady" was a novelty song which had a lot of media coverage in the Birmingham area but did not sell nationally. However, the song was an enormous hit in Australia for Melbourne recording star Johnny Farnham."


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