23 ago. 2010

The Maze - Telephone (Side B) 1966

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Gracias al gran aporte de ha-jo aqui se completa la discografia de The Maze , para que lo disfruten ! MIL GRACIAS HA-JO !!!!!!


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L E O N A R D O dijo...

mensaje de ha-jo

hola leonardo ... still looking for "telephone"? i've just ripped it from an old audio cassette where i once stored oh so many singles from my dear "heathen" ... http://www.mediafire.com/?ndcx2i6zisuuc74 regards! ha-jo

ha-jo dijo...

hola ... what about finders keepers? i might upload "friday kind of monday" b/w "on the beach" ...

>So 1968-69 and early 1970 saw the resolution of a complicated story. Sludge got two of his mates from Cannock to join Finders Keepers. These were Mel Galley and Glen Hughes. Two more singles were released, this time on the Fontana Records label. "Friday Kind Of Monday" had good reviews but failed to chart although it has featured in later years on compilation LPs in the States. "Sadie The Cleaning Lady" was a novelty song which had a lot of media coverage in the Birmingham area but did not sell nationally. However, the song was an enormous hit in Australia for Melbourne recording star Johnny Farnham.< (http://www.brumbeat.net/findersk.htm)

anyonesdaughter dijo...

fantastic!!! many big thank-yous from twent-fligh-rock blog and a big big maze fan ;)

L E O N A R D O dijo...

if you please upload it would be a great addition, I would add what I have of The Montanas(which even appeared on a compilation of Glenn Hughes I'm not sure whether or not to participate)

your blog is very very good, do not leave so many comments but I always visit

ha-jo dijo...



the montanas featured terry rowley (later of trapeze), but i never heard of glenn contributing.


pagoda69 dijo...

Por fin aparecio!! Muchas gracias por tantas joyas, Leonardo...Pero: donde esta el link de descarga?

L E O N A R D O dijo...


ha-jo dijo...

finders keepers: http://www.mediafire.com/?g3jvz0892g322dy

i think the montanas featured only terry rowley and john jones (both later of trapeze), but not glenn.

ha-jo dijo...

hola leonardo ... sorry for double-posting ... i had forgotten the first one in the meantime - you may delete it, of course.

BreisHeim dijo...

Thank you for this rarity!

Mas Deep Purple ,Family & Relatives

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