20 nov. 2011

Mike Hurst - In My Time / The Country Supersession 1971 (Feat. JON LORD & IAN PAICE)

01 In My Time
02 New York City
03 Time Will Make It Rights
04 Place In The Country
05 Big Jet Song
06 Indian Tears
07 Show Me The Way To Georgia (Single Side A)
08 Over Again (Single Side B)
09 Lord I Don't Have The Time  (Single Side B of a non album track "I Couldn''t Wait To Tell You" Wanted!)
10 Which Way Does Your River Flow

B.J.Cole, Godfrey Mc Lean, Ray Fenwick, Delisle Harper, Derek Austin, Nigel Olsson, Dee Murray, Ray Swinfield, Clem Cattini, Dennis Lopez, Dave Richmond, Tony Ashton, Ian Paice, Jon Lord, Doris Troy, Nanette, Roy Young Band, Liza Strike , Johnny Gustafson
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2 comentarios:

L E O N A R D O dijo...


ha-jo dijo...

hola leonardo ...

as far as i know jon lord is NOT involved in any mike hurst recording.

thanx anyway!


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