7 nov. 2009

Dixie Dregs - Live At Montreux 1978

01-Introduction by Clude Nobs (0.37)/Freefall (4.08)
02-Leprechaun Promenade (3.35)
03-Country House Shuffle (3.30)
04-Patchwork (4.27)
05-Attila The Hun (3.47)
06-The Bash (4.43)
07-Night Of The Living Dregs (3.50)
08-Wages Of Weirdness (3.56)
09-Take It Off The Top (4.01)
10-Kathleen (2.41)
11-Dixie (3.33)

Steve Morse ,Mark Parrish,Allen Sloan,Andy West,Rod Morgenstein

12-Crank It Yo (2.49) Live on American Bandstand
13-Bloodsucking Leeches (4.05) live on American Bandstand
Band Interview with Dick Clarke

Steve Morse,Andy West,Rod Morgenstein,Mark O'Connor,T.Lavitz,Alex Ligertwood (vocals)

14-Punk Sandwich (3.14) Live at Don Kirshner's Rock Concert

DVD 5 (archivo DLC) Link in Comments

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