13 sept. 2010

Eddie Harris - E.H. in the U.K. feat. IAN PAICE

1 Baby 6:45
2 Wait A Little Longer 4:12
3 He's Island Man 2:25
4 I've Tried Everything 8:13
5 I Waited For You 5:48
6 Conversations Of Evening & Nothing 15:54

Eddie Harris - electric sax, electric trumpet & vocal
Albert Lee - guitar on 1-6 ,Neil Hubbard - guitar on 1,2 ,Jeff Beck - guitar on 3,4
Zoot Money - electric piano on 1,2 ,Stevie Winwood - electric piano on 3-6
Raymond "Boz" Burrell - bass on 1-3 ,Rick Grech - bass on 4 ,Chris Squire - bass on 5,6 ,Alan White - drums on 1,2,5,6 ,Ian Paice - drums on 3,4 ,Lofty Amao - congas on 3,4 ,Tony Kaye - Moog synthesizer on 5,6

En el Link de descarga encontraran la version en CD editada en 1989 que contiene 2 discos (in the U.K y Is It In)

1 Funkaroma 5:00
2 Is It In 3:35
3 It's War 6:20
4 Space Commercial 5:28
5 Look Ahere 3:48
6 These Lonely Nights 5:46
7 Tranquility & Antagonistic 4:15

Eddie Harris - electric sax, piano, electric piano, vocals
Ronald Muldrow - guitar, guitarorgan ,Rufus Reid - electric bass & string bass & William James - drums, electric bongos

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