11 sept. 2010

The Shindigs - No Ian Paice ...

Ian Paice si estuvo en un grupo llamado The Shindigs ... pero no es el grupo que grabo 2 singles en 1965 y que aparece en tooooodas las discografias (salvo en el DPAS)
Erroneamente se acredita a Paice en estos 2 simples

- 1965 One Little Letter/What You Gonna Do (SP, UK)
- 1965 A Little While Back/Why Say Goodbye (SP, UK)

Ian Paice NO toca en estos temas ya que el grupo que grabo estas canciones es un grupo de Crawley
Ian Paice NO plays in these issues since the group recorded these songs is a Crawley group

In the early 60s these Crawley lads were already busy trying to make their name in the music business – and guitar man Allan Bailey and fellow Shindig Mick Platt still take to the stage today as part of The Soho Leg-ends.
The Shindigs started life as The Daltons and were formed by Allan and his friend Graham Gladwin while the pair were at Hazelwick School.
Graham decided not to stay with the group and the original line-up was: Allan (rhythm guitar/vocal), Ken Martin (lead guitar/vocal), Andy Page (bass guitar), Brian Redman (drums) and Frank Bennett and Chris Clark (lead vocals).
The lead vocals were taken over by Bill Warren and Johnny Ball became drummer.
They cut two demos at Tony Pike Music in Putney: an instrumental disc featuring the tracks Big Noise From Winnetka and I’ Got Rhythm and a vocal disc featuring That’s My Girl by Ken Martin and I’m Coming Home by Allan Bailey.
Mick Platt joined as bass player just before the second disc was recorded.
James Cameron joined the group on organ, harmonica and vocals and Andrew J Wood became manager in 1965.
At his suggestion, The Daltons changed their name to The Shindigs – after an American pop show of the time – and they went on to cut two 45s for Parlophone.
The first featured One Little Letter by James Cameron and What You Gonna Do by Allan Bailey. The second featured A Little While Back and Why Say Goodbye, both written by Graham Gouldman later of 10CC fame.
They performed A Little While Back on Friday Night Spectacular for Radio Luxemburg and on TV show The Five O’Clock Club.

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