18 mar. 2011

Michael Des Barres - Single 1974 (PURPLE RECORDS #123)

"Leon"/"New Moon Tonight"

Michael's first solo single was released by Purple Records in October 1974. It featured the songs "Leon" and "New Moon Tonight". Both songs were written by Philip Goodhand-Tait. They were produced and arranged by Del Newman. "Leon" was later recorded by Roger Daltrey of The Who, who included the song on his solo album One of the Boys (1977).

"After Silverhead broke up and I was completely out of my head on drugs, they cleaned me up, and they put me in the studio to record a single on my own, and it was a song called Leon. And it came out on Purple Records, which was a subsidiary, I think, of EMI, and I can't remember it. I couldn't even hum it to you."
- MDB, 1999

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Gracias for this single - I have never heard of it. It is not even mentioned in Michael's Wikipedia page discography.

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