18 mar. 2011

JON PERTWEE - Single 1972 ( PURPLE RECORDS #111)

Who Is The Doctor / Pure Mystery

"Who Is The Doctor" is a cover version of Delia Derbyshire's "Doctor Who" theme with narration by Jon Pertwee with spoken lyrics by Pertwee, backed with a whimsical song about an ageing magician who can't find an audience, sung by Jon Pertwee. The A-side featured lyrics and a re-arrangement of Ron Grainer's theme music by David MacIver, while the B-side was written by David MacIver & Rupert Hine (who'd been working together since the mid 1960's as a duo called Rupert & David). Both songs were produced & arranged by Rupert Hine, recorded in 1972 and released in this format in the UK on 10 November 1972

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