29 mar. 2011

Simon Raven Cult feat. Nick Simper - Single 1966

Side A - I Wonder If She Remembers Me
Side B - Sea of Love (Wanted) no participa Nick Simper en el lado B

• Geoff Glover-Wright (Also Buddy Britten) (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
• Tony Richards (Keyboards)
• Nick Simper (Bass)
• Roger Pinner (Drums)

Nick Simper
"Back on the mainland, we began to get ourselves into mode as the Simon Raven Cult, whilst awaiting the return of "Simon", who had stayed in Jersey for an extra month to tie up a few loose ends. Finally he arrived back, staying at his parents' home in Kenton near Harrow. We had been calling him by his real name, Geoff, for some time, so there was no confusion with the change of name. The air of anticipation was heightened when we were presented with a new song by music publishers Shapiro Bernstein, titled "I Wonder If She Remembers Me". This proved to be a commercial sounding rocker with a strong hook, a great first record from the "new" group, we thought. Once again we assembled at Pye Studios with John Schroeder at the helm. This time the result was a much heavier record, with Geoff creating a great fuzz sound from his Stratocaster, achieved by making cuts in a speaker cone which he had turned towards the ceiling with his silver identity bracelet placed inside it!"

"Feeling confident that I could find myself a new gig I decided that it was time to move on. I was swiftly replaced by an excellent player called Brad, who played on the 'B' side of the new single, a pretty good cover of the old Marty Wilde hit, "Sea of Love". Any regrets I felt were swiftly dispelled when I received a copy of the record, which bore one single name on the label, that of Simon Raven! The Cult had vanished before it even began!"

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Luis Carlos dijo...

Nostalgia pura

pagoda69 dijo...

cual es el link pra descargarlo? Saludos

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L E O N A R D O dijo...

muchas gracias ha-jo¡¡¡¡

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