7 nov. 2011

Young & Moody - Back For The Last Time Again (feat. Roger Glover) 2011

Disc: 1
01. Don't Wanna Lose You Now (Prod. by Roger Glover 1977)
02. Someone Else's Door (Prod. by Roger Glover 1976)
03. I Thought I'd Seen It All
04. You Make It Roll (prod. by Roger Glover 1976)
05 Leave Well Alone (prod by Roger Glover 1977)
06. Save All Your Loving (with Ray Minhinnett)
07. Don't You Tell Me To Go (Feat. Roger Glover on drums)
08. Chicago Blue (prod by Roger Glover 1977)
09. The Suitcase
10. How Can I Help You Tonight
11. San Francisco Bay Blues (prod. by Roger Glover 1977)
12. Trying Not To Notice (prod. by Roger Glover 1977)
13. I'll Be Back (prod. by Roger Glover 1976)
14. Chained To Love (feat. Willie Finlayson)
15. Sunrise To Sunset (Prod, by Roger Glover 1977)
16. Young And Moody ( Feat. Roger Glover on bass)
Disc: 2
1. Too Young To Feel This Way (Feat. Roger Glover on bass)
2. All The Good Friends
3. Four Until Late
4. The Devil Went Down To Georgia
5. Caroline
6. Just Close Your Eyes (prod. by Roger Glover 1976)
7. Warm Winds
8. Playing Your Game (Prod. by Roger Glover)
9. El Paso Days (Prod. by Roger Glover)
10. Seventh Sea (Prod. by Roger Glover)
11. Blues Been Fun
12. Don't Do That (feat. Lemmy, Cozy Powell, The Nolan Sisters, Ed Hamilton)
13. Straight To The Point
14. Svensk Blues (with Ray Minhinnett)
15. Fine Fine Fine (Prod. by Roger Glover)
16. Noon Time Lover (Prod. by Roger Glover)
17. I'm Going Away (Prod. by Roger Glover)

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Anónimo dijo...

roger glover on drums? true drums or drum machine? how to download it? thanks

Anónimo dijo...

roger glover on drums??!!!

L E O N A R D O dijo...

CD1 part1

CD1 part2

CD2 part1

CD2 part2

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