27 may 2012

Sharon Isbin and Friends: Guitar Passions (feat. Steve Morse & Steve Vai))

1. Gentil Montana - Porro (2:28)
2. Quique Sinesi - Sonidos de Aquel Día (3:43) with Stanley Jordan (Guitar)
3. Joaquin Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez: Adagio (13:06) with Steve Morse (Guitar)
4. Isaac Albeniz - Suite española, Op. 47: Asturias (7:18)
5. Agustin Barrios-Mangore - Allegro (3:41) with Steve Vai (Guitar)
6. Nancy Wilson - Dreamboat Annie (4:02) with Nancy Wilson (Voice)
7. Ariel Ramirez - Alfonsina y el Mar (5:58)
8. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Chovendo na roseira (3:56) with Romero Lubambo (Guitar)
9. Pixinguinha (Alfredo Vianna) - Carinhoso (4:11) ) with Rosa Passos (Voice)
10. Gaudencio Thiago de Mello - O Presidente (2:31) with Gaudencio Thiago de Mello (Percussion), Paul Winter (Sax)
11. Agustin Barrios-Mangore - La Catedral: Andante religioso (1:56)
12. Agustin Barrios-Mangore - La Catedral: Allegro solemne (3:39)

18 abr 2012

Rock n Roll AllStars feat. Glenn Hughes

Con la compra de tu platea para el día 23 de Abril en GEBA, te llevas de regalo un ticket para el showcase en el Teatro Vorterix (F. Lacroze y A. Thomas) del domingo 22 de Abril a las 8pm. Capacidad limitada hasta agotar stock.

5 abr 2012

Rare Mod Volume 3 (Wainwright's Gentlemen feat. Ian Gillan)

01. Open The Door - The Montanas
02. No Matter How You Slice It - Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs
03. Baby I Need Your Loving - Andee Silver
04. Think About Love - Dave & The Diamonds
05. Life Is Just Beginning - The Creation
06. Chicago Calling - The Iveys
07. Can You Think Of Another - Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen
08. Look For Me Baby - Goldie & The Gingerbreads
09. Desdemona - John's Children
10. About My Girl - St Louis Union
11. Midnight Hour - Kenny Bernard & The Wranglers
12. Sunflower - The Nocturnes
13. Dr Nero - The Montanas
14. Goodbye Girl - The Preachers
15. Shatterproof - Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs
16. Such Is Life - Dave & The Diamonds
17. Little Egypt - The Iveys
18. Pink, Purple & Blue - Unknown
19. Verse One - Gary Brooker
20. Ain't That Just Like Me - Wainwright's Gentlemen

Ian joined Wainwright's Gentlemen from 1964 untill 1965. The band recorded a number of tracks including a cover of The Hollies hit "Ain't That Just Like Me" which was officially released in February 2011 on a compilation CD "Rare Mod, Volume 3" on the Acid Jazz label (AJXCD 238). The track features Gillan on vocals, Mick Tucker (later of Sweet) on drums and, according to band bassist Jan Frewer, is thought to have been recorded in 1965.
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14 dic 2011

Chopin’s Story by Ian Gillan from Deep Purple

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We offer you ‘Chopin’s Story by Ian Gillan from Deep Purple’ a documentary narrated and presented by Ian Gillan. The DVD will feature a brand new, exclusive interview with Ian Gillan done on the set of the film.
The copies will be shipped by post. We will use priority registered letters. The shipping will be done AFTER you make a payment to our bank account. Details specified below:

TV Project Sp. z o.o.
Czarnieckiego 57
01-548 Warszawa
Bank account number: BIC Swift-code: INGBPLPW PL81 1050 1038 1000 0023 2687 7475

The prices for Europe (excluding Poland) are in Euro whereas for the rest of the world in USD. If you order more than 5 DVDs the shipping fees will be discussed individually via e-mail.
You can order the film by sending us your full name, valid address and the number of copies you would like to receive. Please, do not hesitate to ask if you have any additional queries. The orders can be placed here:


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1 dic 2011

Gillan - The Gillan Tapes Vol.3

01 Running White Face City Boy
02 Trouble
03 Sunbeam
04 I'll Rip Spin Out
05 If You Believe Me
06 Long Gone
07 You're Sisters On My List
08 Fiji (N17)
09 Born To Kill (live)
10 M.A.D. (live)
11 Ballad Of The Lucitania Express
12 The Trilogy
13 Unchain Your Brain
14 No Laughing In Heaven
15 So Low
16 The Festivals Of Spirit
17 Smoke On The Water
18 Excerpt From The Confidente Opera

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23 nov 2011

Gillan - For Gillan Fans Only

A1 Higher & Higher
A2 Your Mother Was Right
A3 Redwatch
A4 Abbey Of Thelema
A5 Trying To Get To You
B1 Come Tomorrow
Guitar, Vocals – Bernie Tormé
Bass – John McCoy
Drums – Thunderstick
B2 Dragon's Tongue
Keyboards, Flute – Colin Towns
B3 Post Fade Brain Damage
Mixed By – John McCoy, Chas Watkins*
B4 Egg Timer
Guitar – Chas 'Wah Wah' Watkins*
Percussion – Sticks McCoy*
Piano, Vocals – Cosmo Toons*
Bass – Ernie Orme*
B5 Harry Lime Theme

This LP was distributed as a free limited edition with the first 15,000 copies of the Glory Road album.
Track A3 is the 'B' side of a single released by Mick Underwood. 
Track A4 is a remix of the version on the 'Gillan' album in S.E. Asia.
Track B4 line up listed as 'Cosmo Toons and the Split Knee Loons' 
Track B5 artist listed as Arthur Guitar and his Hamster Cage Ensemble.

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20 nov 2011

Mike Hurst - In My Time / The Country Supersession 1971 (Feat. JON LORD & IAN PAICE)

01 In My Time
02 New York City
03 Time Will Make It Rights
04 Place In The Country
05 Big Jet Song
06 Indian Tears
07 Show Me The Way To Georgia (Single Side A)
08 Over Again (Single Side B)
09 Lord I Don't Have The Time  (Single Side B of a non album track "I Couldn''t Wait To Tell You" Wanted!)
10 Which Way Does Your River Flow

B.J.Cole, Godfrey Mc Lean, Ray Fenwick, Delisle Harper, Derek Austin, Nigel Olsson, Dee Murray, Ray Swinfield, Clem Cattini, Dennis Lopez, Dave Richmond, Tony Ashton, Ian Paice, Jon Lord, Doris Troy, Nanette, Roy Young Band, Liza Strike , Johnny Gustafson
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Mike Hurst - Home 1970 (Feat. JON LORD)

1 World Of Glass
2 Face From The Past
3 To My Daughter
4 Hung Upside Down
5 All I Can Do Is Sing
6 Big Cities
7 Photograph Of Love
8 Demolition Zone
9 Scarlett Revisited

Mike Hurst, Rod Argent, Big Jim Sullivan, Herbie Flowers, Jon Lord, Tubby Hayes, John Paul Jones
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19 nov 2011

Kris Ife - Hush (Single 1967)

Side A - Hush (Joe South)
Side B - The Spectator (Ife / Cook)

Segun Nick Simper y Jon Lord esta es la versión que escucharon lejanamente en algun pub y decidieron versionar
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18 nov 2011

Pauline Gillan's Northern Dancer - Single 1984

A One More Time
B1 Hold On (I'm Coming Home)
B2 Red House

Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Chris Wing
Drums, Percussion, Electronic Drums – Keeth Naylor
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Davy Bell
Lead Guitar – Dave Little
Lead Vocals – Pauline Gillan (Hermana de Mr. Ian)
Recorded at Fairview Studios, Hull, September '84.
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Peter London - Single 1965 (feat. RITCHIE BLACKMORE)

Side A - Bless You
Side B - Baby I Like The Look of You

Bless You (Original Speed version)
Bless You  (Backing Track)
I´m Your Lovin' Man (Unissued Track)
Peter Cook  - Georgia
Peter Cook  - There And Bach Again

Peter London , single de Octubre de 1965 producido por Joe Meek con Ritchie Blackmore en Guitarra
Peter ya habia grabado un single (Abril 1965) con su nombre real (Peter Cook) pero decidio cambiarse el nombre para no confundirse con el comediante del mismo nombre , para eso la revista Record Mirror organizo un concurso (igualmente se desecharon todos los nombres alli propuestos) , se sospecha que en el Lado B no canta el , sino Paul Jones de Manfred Mann 

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17 nov 2011

Yvonne Elliman – Food Of Love ( Purple Records 1973)

A1 Casserole Me Over
A2 More Then One, Less Than Five
A3 I Want To Make You Laugh, I Want To Make You Cry
A4 Meusli Dreams
A5 I Can't Explain
B1 Sunshine
B2 Hawaii
B3 I Don't Know How To Love Him Blues
B4 The Moon Struck One
B5 Happy Ending
B6 Love's Bringing Me Down

Producer by Rupert Hine for Purple Records 1973
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9 nov 2011

Gillan - No Easy Way (2008)

CD - Live at Hammersmith, 1980:
1. Second Sight
2. Unchain Your Brain
3. Are You Sure
4. Mr Universe
5. Trouble
6. On The Rocks
7. Running White Face City Boy
8. Vengeance
9. Torment
10. Smoke On The Water

Bonus Recordings:
11. Underwater Solo Sonics
12. No Easy Way
13. Thunderwood
14. If You Believe Me

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7 nov 2011

Young & Moody - Back For The Last Time Again (feat. Roger Glover) 2011

Disc: 1
01. Don't Wanna Lose You Now (Prod. by Roger Glover 1977)
02. Someone Else's Door (Prod. by Roger Glover 1976)
03. I Thought I'd Seen It All
04. You Make It Roll (prod. by Roger Glover 1976)
05 Leave Well Alone (prod by Roger Glover 1977)
06. Save All Your Loving (with Ray Minhinnett)
07. Don't You Tell Me To Go (Feat. Roger Glover on drums)
08. Chicago Blue (prod by Roger Glover 1977)
09. The Suitcase
10. How Can I Help You Tonight
11. San Francisco Bay Blues (prod. by Roger Glover 1977)
12. Trying Not To Notice (prod. by Roger Glover 1977)
13. I'll Be Back (prod. by Roger Glover 1976)
14. Chained To Love (feat. Willie Finlayson)
15. Sunrise To Sunset (Prod, by Roger Glover 1977)
16. Young And Moody ( Feat. Roger Glover on bass)
Disc: 2
1. Too Young To Feel This Way (Feat. Roger Glover on bass)
2. All The Good Friends
3. Four Until Late
4. The Devil Went Down To Georgia
5. Caroline
6. Just Close Your Eyes (prod. by Roger Glover 1976)
7. Warm Winds
8. Playing Your Game (Prod. by Roger Glover)
9. El Paso Days (Prod. by Roger Glover)
10. Seventh Sea (Prod. by Roger Glover)
11. Blues Been Fun
12. Don't Do That (feat. Lemmy, Cozy Powell, The Nolan Sisters, Ed Hamilton)
13. Straight To The Point
14. Svensk Blues (with Ray Minhinnett)
15. Fine Fine Fine (Prod. by Roger Glover)
16. Noon Time Lover (Prod. by Roger Glover)
17. I'm Going Away (Prod. by Roger Glover)

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31 oct 2011

Ohsama - Fuka Murasaki Densetsu (王様 - 深紫伝説) King - Deep Purple Legend

1.Medley :Highway Star / Speed King / Burn / Smoke On The Water / Woman From Tokyo / Strange Kind Of Woman / Black Night / Space Truckin’
2. Medley :Highway Star/Speed King/Burn/Smoke On The Water (RADIO EDIT)
3. Instrumental

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Mas Deep Purple ,Family & Relatives

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